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Wednesday, 01 April 2020 03:36
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India may have 1,423 confirmed cases of those infected by the coronavirus but, going by what Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told the Supreme Court, as many as 30% of Indians could be carrying the corona virus! Later, when asked about this, Mehta said the statement was just a hypothetical one, it was not based on facts!

While explaining to the SC that it was critical these workers not be allowed to go back to their homes in rural India, Mehta said there was a possibility that three out of every 10 migrant workers moving from cities to rural areas were carrying the virus and this posed a threat to rural India as the pandemic could spread there as well. If 30% of migrant labour carry the virus, that means at least 30% of the general population is infected.

Mehta was speaking in case on the extremely poor handling of the migrant workers fleeing the cities, and the build-up of thousands of them at the borders, without any food or shelter, and the fact that hundreds of them walked for miles in the absence of any public transport.

The Centre said that no migrant worker was stranded on the road and that 6.68 lakh have been provided temporary accommodation with 22.88 lakh being provided food across the country. Mehta apprised the court of the steps taken by the centre after the outbreak of Covid-19 and said the Centre had enhanced testing capacity from a single laboratory in January to 118 labs across the country, with a total capacity of 15,000 tests per day. Besides, the Central government has coordinated with 47 private laboratory chains who have more than 20,000 collection centres in the country. Over 25 lakh persons have been screened at airports, 40,000 at 12 sea ports, 65 at minor ports and 20 lakh at all land borders. As many as 3.5 lakh persons were being monitored, the SG said.


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