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Wednesday, 27 May 2020 00:00
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Though the purpose of the lockdown was to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, after the fourth lockdown was announced, India has become one of the top four economies in terms of daily infections. On Tuesday, as India added 6,500 infections, Our World in Data figures show that only the US, Russia and Brazil had more infections. Brazil and the US are the only two countries to be adding over 10,000 infections every day.

India seems to be fourth in terms of daily deaths as well. On Tuesday, the country reported 146 deaths, behind Brazil, the US and Mexico. If we account for 7-day rolling averages, India’s daily infection addition is higher than what China, France. Germany, Italy or the United Kingdom had achieved at the peak of the virus.

But that may not mean that the lockdown hasn’t worked. If infections were growing exponentially, India would be closer to reporting 20,000 cases every day, as against 7,000 it is reporting today. Brazil is a classic example of how a bungled lockdown led to a rise in infections. Brazil reported its first infection on February 26, a full 28 days after India reported its first infection. On Tuesday, Brazil was averaging 17,000 daily infections and 800 daily deaths.

India, however, cannot breathe a sigh of relief. While 10 districts account for a majority of infections, cases are rising in other parts where migrants are returning home. Chhattisgarh is reporting a doubling of cases every four days, so are Uttarakhand and Assam. And Maharashtra is averaging 2,440 cases daily in the fourth lockdown, whereas it was 1,315 in the third lockdown. Delhi is averaging 524 as against 372, and Tamil Nadu is averaging 721 as against 560 earlier.


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