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Friday, 05 June 2020 04:05
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Although India is clocking over 9,000 infections daily now, recent data shows that active cases hit the highest on June 4. On Thursday, India recorded the highest daily active cases at 5,032. In fact, over the last three days recoveries have slowed down, whereas infections seem to be rising at a steady pace. According to paragkar.com, India’s active cases are growing at 4.5% per day, as compared to a growth of 4.4% in the total cases. India recorded 2,16,919 infections with 6,075 deaths and 1,04,107 recoveries.

The daily increase in recoveries was 4.8%, as compared to 9%, a month ago. While the government has been touting the recovery rate rising to 48% as a victory, countries like Brazil (45.3%) have a similar recovery rate to India (48%). However, it has double the number of cases than India. And, Brazil has been adding over 25,000 cases daily.

More important, if current growth rates are to hold, India will have nearly 6.8 lakh cases by end of June and 26.2 lakh cases by end of July, even if 60% of them have recovered. That would mean there will be 10.5 lakh active cases by end-July.

At present, India is ranked fourth in terms of active cases. However, it is second in terms of serious or critical cases. Besides, with a Chinese university model predicting that India will reach 15,000 daily infections by June 15, active cases are expected to increase.


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