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Friday, 12 June 2020 00:00
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Despite nearly 70 lakh migrants returning to their homes in rural India, infection levels have not increased at the rates feared by many. Around an eighth of those infected with Covid-19 are to be found in rural areas on Thursday as compared to over a tenth on May 28.

A total of 18.7% of the infected are to be found in rural and semi-urban India, up from 16.8% on May 28.

While complete data from 734 districts was not available earlier, an analysis of 430 districts for which the data was available showed that on May 28, 7.5% of the infections came from rural India; this number was 5% on May 3. While rural infections grew by 5.4% per day between May 28 and June 10, they grew at 6.4% between May 3 and May 28.

The analysis was done by mapping urbanisation data from the census, with district wise infection levels. Districts which had less than 20% urban population were classified as rural, and those between 20-30% as semi-urban.

While data on migrants in each state is not available, some states are reporting this. In Andhra Pradesh, of the 4,261 confirmed cases, the government reported 971 were migrants; that is a total of 22.7%. In Uttar Pradesh, of the 9,733 infected 1,163 were migrants, which is a little under 12%. No state, however, gives details of whether the migrants are from rural, semi-urban or urban areas.


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