Delhi testing doubles in 4 days, all set to touch 18,000 today PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 June 2020 00:00
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With a total 15,775 tests on Friday, including 7,040 rapid antigen tests, Delhi is on track to cross the 18,000 tests-per-day target set by home minister Amit Shah for June 20. Till Shah got involved in Delhi’s battle against Covid-19, Delhi was averaging around 5,525 cases. In the last three days, this has gone up to 7,678.

If you add the rapid antigen tests, as you should, the capital’s average daily testing is up to 9,440 over the last three days.

Positivity rates – new cases as a share of new tests – continue to rise at a high rate in the capital, from a high 21.4% on June 1 to a whopping 33% on June 19. We have not added the results of the rapid antigen tests to this as this data may not be strictly comparable to the RT-PCR ones. Once Delhi does more rapid antigen tests over the next week or so, a clearer picture will emerge. Unless there is a dramatic increase in the spread of the infection, ideally as Delhi moves towards tests-for-all as Shah had promised, positivity rates should fall since, right now, the tests are mostly done for people who display symptoms of the infection or have been directly exposed to someone who has the disease.


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