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Monday, 06 July 2020 00:00
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Ishaan Gera 

The Delhi government’s data discrepancies never seem to end. While there was confusion about the number of deaths that took place every day, as well as the number of tests conducted, the data has got even more unreliable. 

On June 1, the Delhi government reported 2,17,537 tests and a test-per-million number of 10,772. Divide the first by the second, and you arrive at a population of 20.2 million for the city. For most of June, you get the same number; not surprising, given that the population of the city cannot change overnight.

However, on June 18 the government showed 3,21,302 tests, and also a test-per-million number of 16,910. Divide the first by the second and Delhi’s population miraculously falls to 19 million. This number is then seen for every day since June 18.

What this does is to boost the number of tests being done per million population. If Delhi’s correct population of 20.2 million is used for every day after June 18, the tests-per-million fall from 16,910 on June 18 to 15,906, and from 20,247 on June 22 to 19,044.

A similar anomaly exists in data on hospitalisations. On June 12, the government showed that 5,361 people were hospitalised. In the next five days, 3,015 people were admitted to hospital and 2,037 were discharged, as per the Delhi medical bulletin. Logically, then there should have been a total of 6,339 who were in hospital. The Delhi medical bulletin, however, tells us that 5,448 people were hospitalised.  

How it is beneficial to show a lower number of people who are hospitalised is not clear, but it does help show that there is a less of a bed shortage in hospitals. After June 18, the Delhi government stopped putting out data on daily hospitalisations and discharges.



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