India pips Brazil to second spot for daily cases, but just for now PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 July 2020 03:04
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On Monday, India crossed Brazil for the first time, taking the second spot in terms of new case additions. India added 22,252 cases on Tuesday taking its tally to 7,19,665 cases. In contrast, Brazil, which has been adding nearly 35,000 cases daily, added only 20,229 cases. On Monday, Brazil’s daily additions had slipped to 26,051, whereas India had added 24,248 cases. The only country to add more cases than India is the United States, which is adding 50,000 cases every day.

This could, however, just be a one-time event for the time being. An analysis of data trends shows that Brazil’s daily additions dip every 4-5 days before picking up again. On June 20, Brazil added 54,771 cases; this fell to 17,459 on June 22 but then rose again to 39,436 on June 24. Based on trends, it will take 3-4 weeks before India surpasses Brazil; in the last 10 days, Brazil added 34,831 cases per day while India added 21,071.

On Sunday, India became the third highest country in terms of corona infections surpassing Russia. Although figures for testing are not available for Brazil, India’s testing as 2 lakh samples every day, in contrast, the US is testing 6 lakh. If India were to test as many samples as the US, given the current positivity rate of 9%, it would add 54,000 infections. However, even now, India’s situation is no better. In the last five days, India added 3.5% cases daily, whereas, for Brazil, the average growth in daily infections was 2.3%.


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