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Monday, 03 August 2020 03:08
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India’s Covid-19 recoveries may have crossed one million last week but the data looks somewhat dodgy given states like Delhi do not insist on a test to check if the patient is still infected post the treatment. Indeed, surprisingly, India’s recovery rate is now 11 days, down from 14 a month ago whereas the WHO has specified a 14-day recovery period for mild cases.

On July 18, the country had 3,58,692 active cases, so assuming that it did not record any new infections after that, it should have had 3,58,692 recoveries, assuming there were no deaths. Yet, in the next 12 days, the data showed 3,66,831 persons as having recovered. That means some of the new cases of infection, recorded after July 18, were passed off as recoveries.

Interestingly, recovery rates differ a lot between states for no apparent reason. While it takes 17 days for persons to recover in Maharashtra, it takes just 11 in Madhya Pradesh. In Bihar, it took nine days for a person to recover a month ago, but it now takes just six days. Around a third of Indian states and UTs had a recovery time of fewer than 10 days. In the case of Andhra Pradesh, the recovery time was 14 days on June 29, and this has fallen to just eight days now.


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