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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 03:28
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As in the case of fresh infections, India is close to becoming a world-leader in terms of daily deaths.  For the week till August 10, India reported an average  of 893 deaths as compared  to 1,154 for the US and 992 for Brazil. However, on August 10, India reported 1,007 deaths as compared to 513  for the US and 572 for  Brazil; in total deaths so far, though, India is ranked fifth in the world.

In keeping with the rapid increase in the number of fresh cases — they rose from 26,506 on July 10 to 62,064 on August 10 — the number of deaths is also shooting up and over a quarter of the country’s deaths took place in just the last fortnight.

Fresh deaths have slowed down in cities like Delhi; as compared to over 15% a month ago, Delhi accounts for around nine percent of India’s deaths right now. Other areas, however, have gathered pace. Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Punjab are some of the major states which registered nearly half of their total deaths during the previous fifteen days. Karnataka, although a significant contributor, added 40% of its deaths during this period.

Worryingly, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are still recording high deaths. Maharashtra added 23% to its death toll during this period; in the case of Tamil Nadu, it was 29%. West Bengal also added one-third of its deaths during this period.


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