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Monday, 31 August 2020 13:36
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Apart from the fact that it has taken India just 15 days to add a million Covid-19 infections — on August 30, India had 3.5 million infections — as compared to 18 days to add the previous million, it’s the geographical spread that is more worrying.  On July 1, 82.3% of the country’s infections came from urban districts (defined as those with more than 30% urban population) and this fell to 64.3% on August 30. Within the urban districts, the share of the metros — Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad — has fallen from 63% to 30% between July 1 and August 27.

For the month of July, these eight cities added 2.9 lakh covid infections while the other 170 urban districts — India has 178 urban districts — added 3.5 lakh. In the month of August, these eight cities added 2.9 lakh infections, whereas the 170 districts added 6.8 lakh cases.

In Nagpur, infections have increased 7.2 times since August 1, whereas Mysuru has witnessed a 3.4 times increase. Vishakhapatnam’s growth was slightly lower at 2.8 times and added 25,412 cases in August. Lucknow has added 18,242 and Patna 12,406 in the last month alone. In the month before, Lucknow had added only 6,477 infections while Patna had added 7,482 cases.


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