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Saturday, 03 October 2020 00:00
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India on Friday became the third country in the world to cross 1 lakh deaths. India is still far behind the US and Brazil in terms of total Covid-19 related fatalities, as they account for 2,07,808 and 1,44,680 deaths, respectively. But India has averaged 1,000 deaths per day in September, leading the world in terms of daily deaths.

In fact, India’s share in global deaths increased from 7.6% on September 1 to 9.6% on Friday. Moreover, one-fifth of daily fatalities are accounted for by India.

The worrying aspect is that India’s deaths are still growing at a faster rate than in the US and Brazil. India’s average daily growth rate of deaths has been over twice Brazil’s growth rate and almost four times compared with the US. India on an average has been adding 11 deaths for every 1,000 cases, Brazil has registered five deaths, whereas the US has been recording three.

The big concern now is the rise in deaths in rural areas. An FE analysis shows that while urban districts still account for three-fourth of India’s total deaths, the share of rural and semi-urban districts has been rising. Rural areas now account for 12% of India’s deaths, while semi-urban districts account for 14%.

The number of districts with over 100 deaths has also increased to 156, of which 15 are in rural areas. With health infrastructure in cities under pressure due to rising infections, states need to scale up infrastructure owing to rising cases. This becomes more important as experts point out that the effects of Covid-19 could be worse in winter.


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