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Monday, 12 October 2020 03:24
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On Sunday, India had seven states with a recovery rate of over 90%. The country also recorded one of the highest recovery rates in the world with a recovery rate of 86.2%. Daily recoveries have been outstripping daily confirmed infections for over three weeks now, for the week ending Sunday, India recorded 5,21,860 recoveries as against 5,04,433 infections.

Although a high recovery rate and more recoveries than infections indicate that the worst is over, in India’s case the data on coronavirus recoveries look dodgy.

A major reason for this may be the states not testing coronavirus infected individuals again to confirm that they have fully recovered. While the WHO stipulates that it usually takes a person two weeks to recover, Indian states are showing a recovery in fewer days.

An analysis of state-level data on recoveries indicates that the states with over 90% recovery rates are also the ones that are recording a recovery within eight days. So, it takes eight days for a person to recover in Delhi, and the city has a recovery rate of 90.9%. Similarly, while it takes a similar number of days for people to recover in Bihar and Haryana, both have a high recovery rate of 93.8% and 91.3%, respectively.

Ironically, the rates of recovery vary across the country. Maharashtra, for instance, has an average recovery time of 15 days and has a lower recovery rate of 82.8%. Similarly, the average recovery time in Karnataka is 12 days, and it has a lower recovery rate of 81.3%. Overall, India takes 11 days to recover.


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