Cases in Kolkata rising despite muted Durga puja celebrations PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 November 2020 00:00
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While the new infections reported in Kolkata on Thursday at 894 were lower than the 931 infections the city reported on November 1,the city has added over 18,000 cases in the last three weeks. While a month ago, Kolkata accounted for 0.8% of India’s daily infections, it now accounts for 1.7% of daily infections.

Moreover, West Bengal on Thursday had a positivity of 8.8% higher than the 7.9% that it recorded on October 5. Also, while India has seen a dip in infections in the last month, Bengal is one of the few states where cases have been rising.

For the week ending November 5, Kolkata reported 6,252 infections compared to 6,242 from a week ago period. More important, the trend in Kolkata is different than that in West Bengal where infections over the week dipped from 28,577 to 27,873.

Although the Calcutta HC put a halt to state’s plan for Durga Puja celebrations, the days leading up to the celebration seems to have contributed to an increase in cases. In the first week of October, Kolkata was averaging 670 cases daily and had added only 4,126 cases.

Rising cases and a spurt in active cases are also the reasons that hospitalisations in the city had increased. An FE analysis on October 26, had shown that in government hospitals occupancy had gone up from 63.4% to 77%.


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