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Monday, 16 November 2020 03:55
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Given the dramatic rise in Covid-19 infections in Delhi, the capital is now in focus. However, a closer analysis reveals adjoining cities are facing as much a crisis.

While Delhi certainly has a larger number of infections than its adjoining regions, the rate of growth is lower than that in Gurgaon.

Infections in Delhi increased 1.52 times in the last one month from 3,17,548 to 4,82,170, whereas in Gurgaon, which has one-tenth the cases than the national capital the growth was 1.60 times from 24,334 to 38,886. On Friday, while Delhi had a positivity of 14.8%, Gurgaon recorded a higher 17% positivity.

Cases in Faridabad grew a bit lower 1.44 times between October 15 and November 15, but the average positivity was a higher 18%. While deaths in the capital increased 1.27 times over a month, in Gurgaon, the increase was 1.28 times.

On the Uttar Pradesh side, while the case growth was not as high as in Delhi, but still the growth in cases of areas adjoining Delhi was higher than the rest of the state. Since October 15, while cases in UP have risen 1.15 times, in Noida, the case growth was 1.31 times. It was 1.24 times in Ghaziabad and 1.33 times in Meerut.

Meerut had a higher rate of increase in deaths than Delhi, despite having a lower-case growth during the period.


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