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Wednesday, 07 October 2020 04:15
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Last month, Bengaluru surpassed Mumbai to become the second city in India to cross two lakh infections. Today, the city leads India when it comes to active cases.

The country’s IT capital reported 54,113 active infections last Friday, more than twice that in Delhi or Mumbai. At this pace, in about two weeks, Bengaluru will overtake Delhi to become the city with the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Although Delhi is closing in on three lakh infections and Bengaluru registered only 2,52,229 cases on Tuesday, infections in the garden city are growing at more than twice the rate as they are in Delhi;1.9% compared with 0.8%. Close to 11.4% or 28,660 infections have been added by Bengaluru in the past seven days.

The rising infections and a lower recovery rate—Bengaluru has a recovery rate of 77% as against Delhi’s recovery rate of 90% – have also meant rising pressure on the city’s health infrastructure. Within a fortnight hospital bed occupancy has increased from 61.7% on September 14 to 74.2% on October 6.

Meanwhile, while 58% ICU beds and 66% ventilators were occupied on September 14, occupancies have increased to 82% and 86% on October 6.

The situation becomes worse if government hospitals are considered, where 82% of hospital beds are occupied. Moreover, of a total of 114 ICU beds available in government hospitals and government medical colleges, only nine were available. In the case of ventilators, only three of 141 ventilators were available on Tuesday. If the government does not augment infrastructure capacity, patients could be badly affected the coming weeks. Bengaluru, till Tuesday, had recorded 3,101 deaths.


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